Emergency Aid and Disaster Management (4 Years) (SAY)

Forensic Sciences (4 Years) (SAY)

Forensic Informatics Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Woodworking Industrial Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Family and Consumer Sciences (4 Years) (EA)

Actuarial Sciences (4 Years) (SAY)

German Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

German Translation and Interpreting (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

German Teaching (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

American Culture and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Coaching Training (4 Years) (EA)

Anthropology (4 Years) (EA)

Arabic Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Arabic Translation and Interpretation (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Arabic Teaching (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Archeology (4 Years) (EA)

Archeology and Art History (4 Years) (Word)

Albanian Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Astronomy and Space Sciences (4 Years) (SAY)

Shoe Design and Production (4 Years) (EA)

Azerbaijan Turkish and Literature (4 Years) (Word)

Horticulture (4 Years) (SAY)

Fisheries Technology Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Banking (4 Years) (EA)

Banking and Finance (4 Years) (EA)

Banking and Insurance (4 Years) (TYT)

Printing Technologies (4 Years) (SAY)

Press and Broadcasting (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Physical Education and Sports Teaching (4 Years) (EA)

Nutrition and Dietetics (4 Years) (SAY)

Information Security Technology (4 Years) (SAY)

Information and Document Management (4 Years) (EA)

Computer Science (4 Years) (SAY)

Computer Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Computer and Instructional Technologies Teaching (4 Years) (SAY)

History of Science (4 Years) (EA)

Information Systems Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Information Systems and Technologies (4 Years) (SAY)

Plant Protection (4 Years) (SAY)

Herbal Production and Technologies (4 Years) (SAY)

Bioinformatics and Genetics (4 Years) (SAY)

Biochemistry (4 Years) (TYT)

Biology (4 Years) (SAY)

Biology Teaching (4 Years) (SAY)

Biomedical Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Bioengineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Biosystems Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Biotechnology (4 Years) (SAY)

Bosnian Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Bulgarian Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Bulgarian Translation and Interpreting (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Mineral Processing Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Geography (4 Years) (Word)

Geography Teaching (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Contemporary Greek Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Labor Economics and Industrial Relations (4 Years) (EA)

Circassian Language and Culture (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Translation Studies (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Environmental Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Chinese Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Chinese Translation and Interpreting (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Cartoon and Animation (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Child Development (4 Years) (TYT)

Maritime Transportation Management Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Maritime Business Management (4 Years) (EA)

Leather Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Digital Game Design (4 Years) (SAY)

Speech and Language Therapy (4 Years) (SAY)

Linguistics (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Dentistry (4 Years) (SAY)

Midwifery (4 Years) (SAY)

Pharmacy (4 Years) (SAY)

Exercise and Sport Sciences (4 Years) (EA)

Econometrics (4 Years) (EA)

Economy (4 Years) (EA)

Economics and Finance (4 Years) (EA)

Handicrafts (4 Years) (Word)

Electrical Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Electronics Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Electronic Commerce and Management (4 Years) (EA)

Electronics and Communication Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Industrial Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Industrial Design (4 Years) (SAY)

Industrial Design Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Energy Science and Technologies (4 Years) (SAY)

Energy Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Energy Systems Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Energy Management (4 Years) (EA)

Occupational Therapy (4 Years) (SAY)

Armenian Language and Culture (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Ancient Greek Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Persian Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Philosophy (4 Years) (EA)

Philosophy Group Teaching (4 Years) (EA)

Science Teaching (4 Years) (SAY)

Film Design and Writing (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Film Design and Direction (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Film Design and Directing (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Finance and Banking (4 Years) (EA)

Physics (4 Years) (SAY)

Physics Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Physics Teaching (4 Years) (SAY)

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (4 Years) (SAY)

Photography (4 Years) (Word)

Photography and Video (4 Years) (Word)

Photonics (4 Years) (SAY)

French Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

French Translation and Interpreting (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

French Teaching (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Real Estate Development and Management (4 Years) (EA)

Journalism (4 Years) (Word)

Traditional Turkish Arts (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Ship Machinery Management Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Ship and Marine Technology Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Ship and Yacht Design (4 Years) (SAY)

Genetics and Bioengineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Genetics and Life Sciences Programs (4 Years) (SAY)

Geomatics Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Gerontology (4 Years) (SAY)

Food Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Food Technology (4 Years) (TYT)

Entrepreneurship (4 Years) (EA)

Visual Communication Design (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Visual Arts (4 Years) (Word)

Visual Arts and Communication Design (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Graphic Arts (4 Years) (EA)

Graphic Design (4 Years) (TYT)

Customs Management (4 Years) (EA)

Georgian Language and Literature (4 Years) (Word)

Folklore (4 Years) (Word)

Public Relations (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Public Relations and Advertising (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Public Relations and Promotion (4 Years) (TYT)

Survey Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Aviation Electrics and Electronics (4 Years) (SAY)

Aerospace Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Aviation Management (4 Years) (EA)

Animal Production and Technologies (4 Years) (SAY)

Nursing (4 Years) (SAY)

Hydrogeological Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Indology (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Hittitology (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Law (4 Years) (EA)

Hungarology (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Hebrew Language and Culture (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Interior Architecture (4 Years) (SAY)

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (4 Years) (EA)

Economics and Administrative Sciences Programs (4 Years) (EA)

Economic and Administrative Programs (4 Years) (EA)

Economics (4 Years) (EA)

Theology (4 Years) (Word)

Communication (4 Years) (Word)

Communication Sciences (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Communication Arts (4 Years) (Word)

Communication Design and Management (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Communication and Design (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Primary School Mathematics Teaching (4 Years) (SAY)

Manufacturing Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

English Linguistics (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

English Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

English and Russian Languages and Literatures (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

English Translation and Interpretation (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

English Language Teaching (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Translation and Interpreting in English, French (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Human Resources Management (4 Years) (EA)

Civil Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Islamic Sciences (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Islamic Economics and Finance (4 Years) (EA)

Islamic Sciences (4 Years) (Word)

Spanish Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Statistics (4 Years) (SAY)

Statistics and Computer Science (4 Years) (SAY)

Occupational Health and Safety (4 Years) (TYT)

Business (4 Years) (EA)

Management Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Italian Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Japanese Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Japanese Translation and Interpreting (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Teaching Japanese (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Geophysical Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Geological Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Public Administration (4 Years) (EA)

Comparative Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Kazakh Language and Literature (4 Years) (Word)

Urban Design and Landscape Architecture (4 Years) (SAY)

Chemistry (4 Years) (SAY)

Chemical Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Chemistry Teaching (4 Years) (SAY)

Chemical-Biological Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Classical Archeology (4 Years) (EA)

Control and Automation Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Korean Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Editing, Sound and Video Management (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Jewelery and Jewelery Design (4 Years) (EA)

Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (4 Years) (EA)

Culture and Communication Sciences (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Global Politics and International Relations (4 Years) (EA)

Kurdish Language and Literature (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Latin Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Polish Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Logistics Management (4 Years) (EA)

Mining Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Mechanical Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Finance (4 Years) (EA)

Materials Science and Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Materials Science and Technologies (4 Years) (SAY)

Mathematics (4 Years) (SAY)

Mathematical Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Mathematics Teaching (4 Years) (SAY)

Mathematics and Computer Science (4 Years) (SAY)

Media and Visual Arts (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Media and Communication (4 Years) (TYT)

Mechatronics Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Meteorological Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Architecture (4 Years) (SAY)

Fashion Design (4 Years) (TYT)

Molecular Biology and Genetics (4 Years) (SAY)

Molecular Biotechnology (4 Years) (SAY)

Accounting and Auditing (4 Years) (EA)

Accounting and Finance Management (4 Years) (EA)

Engineering Programs (4 Years) (SAY)

Engineering and Natural Sciences Programs (4 Years) (SAY)

Translation and Interpreting (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Museum Studies (4 Years) (EA)

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (4 Years) (SAY)

Nanotechnology Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Nuclear Energy Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Audiology (4 Years) (SAY)

Pre-School Teaching (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Optical and Acoustic Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Organic Agricultural Management (4 Years) (EA)

Forest Industry Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Forest Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Orthotics and Prosthesis (4 Years) (SAY)

Hotel Management (4 Years) (EA)

Automotive Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Special Education Teaching (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Marketing (4 Years) (TYT)

Perfusion (4 Years) (SAY)

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Landscape Architecture (4 Years) (SAY)

Pilotage (4 Years) (SAY)

Polymer Materials Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Politics and Economics (4 Years) (EA)

Pre-Asian Archeology (4 Years) (EA)

Psychology (4 Years) (EA)

Psychological Counseling and Guidance (4 Years) (EA)

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Teaching (4 Years) (EA)

Radio, Television and Cinema (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Rail Systems Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Guidance and Psychological Counseling (4 Years) (EA)

Advertising Design and Communication (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Advertising (4 Years) (TYT)

Recreation (4 Years) (EA)

Recreation Management (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Russian Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Russian Language and Literature Teaching (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Russian and English Languages and Literatures (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Russian Translation and Interpretation (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Health Management (4 Years) (EA)

Art History (4 Years) (Word)

Art and Culture Management (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Arts and Social Sciences Programs (4 Years) (EA)

Capital Markets (4 Years) (EA)

Travel Management (4 Years) (EA)

Travel Management and Tourism Guidance (4 Years) (EA)

Classroom Teaching (4 Years) (EA)

Insurance (4 Years) (EA)

Insurance and Actuarial Sciences (4 Years) (EA)

Insurance and Risk Management (4 Years) (EA)

Insurance and Social Security (4 Years) (EA)

Cinema and Digital Media (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Cinema and Television (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Sinology (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Political Sciences (4 Years) (EA)

Political Science (4 Years) (EA)

Political Science and Public Administration (4 Years) (EA)

Political Science and International Relations (4 Years) (EA)

Social Studies Teaching (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Social Work (4 Years) (EA)

Sociology (4 Years) (EA)

Sports Management (4 Years) (EA)

Fisheries Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Syriac Language and Literature (4 Years) (Word)

Dairy Technology (4 Years) (SAY)

City and Regional Planning (4 Years) (SAY)

Jewelry Design (4 Years) (EA)

Land Registry and Cadastre (4 Years) (EA)

Agricultural Economics (4 Years) (EA)

Agricultural Machinery and Technologies Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Agricultural Trade and Management (4 Years) (EA)

Agricultural Biotechnology (4 Years) (SAY)

Agricultural Genetic Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Agricultural Structures and Irrigation (4 Years) (SAY)

Date (4 Years) (Word)

History Teaching (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Prehistoric Archeology (4 Years) (EA)

Field Crops (4 Years) (TYT)

Textile Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Textile Design (4 Years) (EA)

Textile and Fashion Design (4 Years) (EA)

Television Journalism and Programming (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Medicine (4 Years) (SAY)

Medical Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Theater Criticism and Dramaturgy (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Seed Science and Technology (4 Years) (SAY)

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (4 Years) (SAY)

Tourism Management (4 Years) (EA)

Tourism Guidance (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Tourism and Hotel Management (4 Years) (TYT)

Turkish Language and Literature (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Turkish Language and Literature Teaching (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Turkish Folklore (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Turkish Islamic Archeology (4 Years) (EA)

Turkish Language Teaching (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Turkology (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Aircraft Maintenance and Repair (4 Years) (SAY)

Aircraft Electrical and Electronics (4 Years) (SAY)

Aircraft Body and Engine Maintenance (4 Years) (SAY)

Aeronautical Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

International Finance (4 Years) (EA)

International Finance and Banking (4 Years) (EA)

International Entrepreneurship (4 Years) (EA)

International Relations (4 Years) (EA)

International Business Management (4 Years) (EA)

International Trade (4 Years) (EA)

International Trade and Finance (4 Years) (EA)

International Trade and Finance (4 Years) (EA)

International Trade and Business (4 Years) (EA)

International Trade and Logistics (4 Years) (EA)

International Transport Systems (4 Years) (EA)

Urdu Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Space Sciences and Technologies (4 Years) (SAY)

Aerospace Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Space and Satellite Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Veterinary Medicine (4 Years) (SAY)

Wildlife Ecology and Management (4 Years) (SAY)

Artificial Intelligence Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

Software Development (4 Years) (SAY)

Software Engineering (4 Years) (SAY)

New Media (4 Years) (SÖZ)

New Media and Communication (4 Years) (SÖZ)

Local Administrations (4 Years) (TYT)

Food and Beverage Management (4 Years) (EA)

Management Sciences Programs (4 Years) (EA)

Management Information Systems (4 Years) (EA)

Greek Language and Literature (4 Years) (LANGUAGE)

Zaza Language and Literature (4 Years) (Word)

Agricultural Engineering Programs (4 Years) (SAY)

Animal Science (4 Years) (SAY)