1. Formal Educations

• Highschool

• Associate Degree Program

• Bachelor's Degree

• Postgraduate

• Master Doctor's Degree

2. Career Educations

• Majoring Educations

• Engineering Educations

• Medical Educations (Provides trainings such as gastroenterology, aesthetics,


• Nutriture Educations (Organizes trainings on specific subjects such as Cookery, World

Cuisine Training, Bakery Education.)

• Theology Educations

3. Certification Programs

• Institutive Certifcate programs (Organizes a company or a government institution

trainings as demanded

• Individual Certifcate Programs

4. Workshops

• Glass Manufacturing Educations

• Ceramic Workshops

• Instrument Trainings

• Cultural Trainings (Provides trainings such as Tile Training, Marbling Workshop, Sand


5. Foreign Language Education

• TEOFL ILETS Preparation Educations

• YÖS Exam Preparation

• TÖMER (Türkçe), Arabic, English Spanish French over than 10 langugages.

At Turkish governmental universities that TSA Education has an agreement with, we offer

education in any department without exam.

Our extra services:

• City Guiding

• Airport Welcoming

• Transfer to Hotel

• Dormitory Guiding

• 1 Day free Accomodating in a Hotel

• Turkish Permit Residency Guiding

• City Guiding

• Guidance until the end of studying.